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Abyss is DJ since 1991 and shaped the electronic music scene of Germany in the 90s and early 2000s with his innovative ideas and new sounds. He was born in Frankfurt (Oder) but moved to Berlin 1995 becoming more and more famous. 1994 he was listed as one of the top 10 most popular German DJs and despite Hardy Hard alias DJ Hardsequencer from Dresden one of the only East German DJs that gained international popularity and recognition.
In 2004 DJ Abyss ended TenDance Magazine and also retires from the active DJ & producer business for now, in order to focus more on his family life. Since 2012 he returns with regular mixes on Soundcloud. In March 2013 he perfoms again for the first time at a large event created especially for him. In 2020, he heads into the studio and remasters early productions. Those will be released on CD and on all streaming platforms in the USA in June 2021 and worldwide in July 2021 as the new album" Paleance" .

  • DJ since:   1991
  • City:   BERLIN
  • Style:   Techno/ House
  • Born:   1972
  • Labels:   Grooves, MFS, Alternate, Strike Records
  • 1991   Co-Founder of Kamith-Hall
    1992   Inventor of the Space Admission concept
    1992   Founder, editor in chief and owner of the Ten Dance magazine
    1994   Co-owner of Margin
    1995   Co-owner of Marginal Frontier
    2000   Founder and owner of the label Strike Records
    2001    Founder and owner of the label Alternate Records
  • 1991 was the starting point of the legendary party concept Space Admission, invented by Abyss alongside with the Berlin techno legend Kid Paul. This concept was so successful, that more and more people joined their events. Reaching a peak of over 1000 party guests. Besides his talent at the turntables, DJ Abyss showed a sixth sense for management and new talents. One example is definitely the booking of DJ Paul van Dyk as third resident DJ for the Space Admission, who was mostly unknown at this point. A half year later, the also unknown, Jens Mahlstedt joined them too.
  • The four DJs and producers reached more popularity and international recognition. The concept of the Space Admission was one of the most popular party concepts in Germany. All four Djs had many gigs and a busy schedule. This made it hard to find appointments for regular events together. Since 1995 the Space Admission took only place in irregular intervals.
  • DJ Abyss was not only an extremly sucessfull DJ and producer. In 1992 he founded the Ten Dance magazine. The magazine was offered freely in record stores, clubs and other trendy places. The Ten Dance magazine grew rapidly into one of the most important German magazines about electronic music with an huge impact on the techno scene not only in Germany.
  • Despite his work as editor in chief for a growing magazine, DJ Abyss never stopped working as DJ.
  • DJ Abyss recognized the potential of electronic music very early and was 1991 co- founder of the first East German techno club KamithHall in Frankfurt (Oder).
  • From 1993 to 1994 he worked as an organizer in the Berlin club Walfisch and Praxis Dr. McCoy until he opened the Margin also located in Frankfurt (Oder).
  • After the lease for his club in Frankfurt (Oder) expired he opende a location in Guben called Club Marginal Frontier. Parallel he pushed his DJ career by becoming resident DJ in the famous Berlin club tresor.
  • Since 1996 he played regularly at Berlin's Matrix, Sternradio and Casino, after 1998 fortnightly at Berlin's Sage Club.
  • Since 1998 DJ Abyss increased his work as a producer and the spend more time in the studio. He produced an album in collaboartion with the Berlin DJ Jay Ray and published the first single of it in 1999 on the MFS lable.
  • 1999 Abyss shifted the focus more on his solo careers and founded his onwn lables. Strike recors in 1999 and 2001 the lable Alternate. Also in 2001 he revived Grooves lables, which was originally founded back in 1991 when Abyss just started his career.
  • To remind the 10th anniversary of Ten Dance in 2002, DJ Abyss published an live mix from his performance in the legendary Berlin club Sage from the 12th december 2001.
  • Another project was the best of Ten Dance CD compilation from 2001 with 7 maxi singles, from disco-house to detroit techno. Showing his versatility and creativity.
  • The year 2002 was full of minimal techhouse tracks. Abyss published a total of 6 releases in this style. In 2020 Abyss completely rebuilds his studio and remastered several early tracks, of which 13 tracks appear on the album "Paleance" in 2021.

Press reviews

The career of DJ Abyss was always a topic in the media. Below you can find some media coverage about him.

  • TV appearances (selection)
  • ·   November 1993, X-Mix-The MFS Party ORB/RBB  
  • ·   February 1994, ARD&3.Programme  
  • ·   April 1994, Tip TV, ORB/RBB/MDR  
  • ·   July 1995, Sie können auch anders, ARD  
  • ·   August 1996, Stars,Polylux, ARD&3.Programme  
  • ·   November 1997, Scan TV, 3. Programme
  • ·   November 1999, Frequenz B- Love Vision Teil 1  
  • ·   November 1999, Frequenz B- Love Vision Teil 2  
  • ·   November 1999, Frequenz B- Love Vision Teil 3  
  • ·   November 2000, DJ Abyss, Profil, OK Berlin
  • Radio appearances (selection)
  • ·   Feb. 1993 Marushas Rave Satellite
  • ·   Nov. 1993 Kiss FM DJ Night
  • ·   Jan. 94 Kiss FM DJ Spezial
  • ·   Juli 94 Energy Sachsen Mad Max House
  • ·   Aug. 94 Neutrale Zone auf Radio Iserlohn
  • ·   Jan. 97 Dance Kiss FM Berlin etc.
  • ·   Dez. 97 Kiss FM Berlin
  • ·   April 98 Radio Fritz Blue Moon
  • ·   Juli 98 Radio Fritz Nightflight mit Markus Lopez
  • ·   Dez. 98 Radio Fritz Nightflight
  • ·   Feb. 99 Blue Moon Fritz
  • ·   Aug. 99 Kiss FM präsentiert Hafenbar
  • ·   Feb. 2000 Nightlife Special, Radio Hof
  • ·   Okt. 2000, ORB, presents Ten Dance Birthday
  • Journal / magazine publications (selection))
  • Newsletter Nightlife, 3/01 Mai 2001
    ... is undoubtedly one of the best-known DJs in Germany and probably one of the most active: the 29-year-old Berliner by choice played at events all over Europe in 1991, is the head of Ten Dance magazine, the Grooves label and was co-operator of three clubs in Frankfurt (Oder) and Guben. In addition to numerous radio and TV appearances - including on ARD and ZDF - Stolze has been organizing its own nationwide party series Space Admission since 1992. In addition, DJ Abyss is ... resident DJ at Club Matrix Berlin
  • Auszug aus dem Techno Lexikon-herausgegeben vom Raveline Magazin
    Abyss DJ Daniel Stolze from Frankfurt (Oder) is one of the most famous DJs in East Germany, not least because of the TenDance magazine he runs. He has lived in Berlin since 1997 and regularly plays at the Berlin club tresor.
  • Märkische Oderzeitung, 22. Oktober 1998
    ...DJ Abyss, who has received nationwide recognition over the years and, due to his status as one of the first East German DJs with international recognition, is an important pole, especially for the East German space admission concept....
  • Oderlandspiegel, 12. Januar 1997
    ... Abyss is seen as a pioneer of the Brandenburg techno scene. He was the first East German to become known throughout Germany in this music genre. His participation in the first Brandenburg (and East German) techno club KamithHall (1991) in Frankfurt (Oder) helped him to achieve this ....
  • Frankfurter Stadtbote, 17. Januar 1997
    ...The Frankfurt scene also has someone to be proud of: DJ Abyss, model DJ and music magazine publisher ......
    ...Tomorrow the two front DJs of the agency Grooves, DJ Abyss ... and DJ Khetama ... DJ Abyss is considered a pioneer of the Brandenburg techno scene. He has been working as a DJ since 1991. Since then he has been touring the German club scene, founded the first Technoclub in Brandenburg, "KamithHall", and created techno culture in 1994 with the Frankfurt-based "Margin" ......
  • DEEP Magazin, April 1996
    DJ Abyss is one of the activists since the first hour when it comes to house and techno. In November 1991 he played for the first time in the Frankfurt club KamithHall, which has recently become famous as a training facility for Henry Maske. Since 1992 he has been organizing the "Space Admission", a party institution in East Germany ... His sophisticated mixing in particular makes his DJ sets an experience....
  • Mushroom, November 1996
    He's been there for many years. Now he gets honor and fame. DJ Abyss, who was born in Frankfurt (Oder), has a lot to offer. For four years he has been directing the fate of ... TenDance Mag, coordinating the scene and also working as a DJ himself......
  • MOZ, 1.November 1996
    ... DJ Abyss, an "Ossi in the fast lane", has meanwhile become a club operator, editor-in-chief of Ten Dance magazine, producer and, last but not least, disc jockey in the trendy techno club "Tresor" in Berlin .......
  • Musikwoche 44, 28. Oktober 1996
    ... a film portrait of the well-known techno and house DJ Abyss ... The bustling techno activist is involved in clubs such as the Berlin Tresor and the Grooves agency as editor-in-chief for 1992 founded techno magazine Ten Dance....
  • Märkische Oderzeitung, 27.Juni 1997
    For techno and house freaks, they have long since become a cult. The parties of the Brandenburg event concept Space Admission are very popular in the scene. What started with a party with Kid Paul and DJ Abyss has now proven itself and enjoys great popularity in East and West ... The head DJ Abyss is co-founder of Space Admission and invited DJ Khetama from the Ruhr area to the 5th birthday party.

Clubs & Raves

DJ Abyss had many memorable gigs and events during his career.
A small selection is shown below.

Resident - DJ

·   Matrix Berlin 1999-2001
·   Hafenbar Berlin 1994-2004
·   Sternradio Berlin 2001-2004
·   Tresor Berlin 1995-1998
·   Walfisch Berlin 1993/94
·   Praxis Dr. McCoy Berlin 1993/94
·   Margin Ffo. 1994
·   Marginal Frontier Guben 1995
·   KamithHall Ffo. 1991/92
·   Loft Ludwigshafen 1995
·   u.v.m.

Party concepts

·   Space Admission
·   Solitary
·   TenDance Tour
·   Spirit Zone
·   House Zone
·   Sage's TenDance Night


·   Rettet die genetische Vielfalt 2001
·   Fuse 2000
·   Vollton 2000
·   Babes On Trip 2000
·   Paradise City 1999
·   Love Parade TenDance/ Cosmic Club Wagen 1998
·   House Of Pain IV 1998
·   No UFO`s 1997 (Love Parade)
·   The Underground Sound Of Tresor 1997
·   X-Mix-1 The MFS Trip 1993
·   Love Insel Galaktika 1997 (Love Parade)
·   Innovation Rave 1 & 2 1993/94
·   TenDance Tour 1994/ 95
·   The Advence 1995
·   Love Stern Galaktika 1996 (Love Parade)
·   Space Admission Spezial 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 & 97
·   Non Commercial House 1995
·   Watch Out Rave 1994
·   Dove of Peace 1995
·   Mag-Zine-Rave 1994
·   Athmosphere Rave 1993
·   Egotopia 1995
·   u.v.m.

DJ Abyss discography

A small selection of the publications and reviews




A: Top Floor (Skyscraper Remix) # Remix – Jay Ray, TR727
B1: Basement (Into The Abyss Remix) # Remix – Abyss
B2: Ground Floor (Jay Ray's Darkstar Remix) # Remix – Jay Ray

Artwork: Corvin Dalek, Mark Reeder
Photography: Mark Reeder
Producer, Written By: Abyss, Jay Ray

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1a: Denki Groove - Niji (Takkyu's "Wire" Loop) # Remix – Takkyu
1b: Cal-Q-Lator - Can We Go Now? (Original Mondosmix)
2: TR727 vs Abyss - Kick Down
3: Namito - Deerooz (Part 1)
4: Chris Zippel - Eternum (Organic Version)
5: Namito - Deerooz (Part 2)
6: Cosmonaut - Parovoz
7: Krilly & Zetti - Süßwaren (Bambini Mix)
8: Liquid Crystal - Looking For Love (Reconstruction Mix)
9: JFK - Falling Love
10: Cabala - Dark Blue
11: Cal-Q-Lator - Can We Go Now? (Liebling Remix)
12: Abyss vs. TR727 - Elevator (Original Mix)
13: Corvin Dalek - Pounds & Pénz (Flatner's Deutsche Mark Remix)
14: Marmion - 280 Kmh
15: Cal-Q-Lator - Your Attitude (Microglobe Remix)
16: Cybersecrecy - Your Eyes Make Me Feel So Good
17: Kama Arts - Sun-Shine-Sun-Set
18: Corvin Dalek & Klangforschung - Berlin Flyer
19: Denki Groove - Niji (Takkyu's "Wire" Version)

Artwork: Corvin Dalek, Mark Reeder
DJ Mix [Mixed Live]: Corvin Dalek
Mastered: Chris Zippel

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A: Loft (Club Mix)
B: Loft (Original Mix)

Producer, Written By: Abyss, Jay Ray

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A1: Every Time I See You (Original)
A2: Big Herard (Club Mix)
B1: Big Herard (Original)
B2: Every Time I See You (Club Mix)

Producer, Written By: Abyss

  • Link zu Discogs

A: Asteroid (Remix)
B: Asteroid (Original Mix)

Producer, Written By: Abyss

  • Link zu Discogs

A: Stick Lights (Extended Version)
B1: Stick Lights (ULP Mix)
B2: Stick Lights (Original Mix)

Producer, Written By: Abyss

  • Link zu Discogs

A1: Fatality (Original)
A2: Abase
B1: Fatality (Encore Remix)
B2: Back Alley

Producer, Written By: Abyss

  • Link zu Discogs

A: Faculty
B1: Allkow
B2: Maximum Volume

Producer, Written By: Abyss, Trinity

  • Link zu Discogs

A1: Big Arche (Original)
A2: Paleance 2
B1: Paleance
B2: Big Arche (LifeTime Mix)

Producer, Written By: Abyss

  • Link zu Discogs

101: The Course Ready Or Not (Club Remix)
102: Slam Lifetimes (H Foundation Dub)
103: Slam Lifetimes (Original)
104: iiO Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K. Rmx)
105: Llorca With Lady Bird My Precious Thing (Llorca's Old School Rmx)
106: Lambda New York (Timo Maas Rmx)
107: Ruff Driverz Dreaming (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Rmx)
108: Hypnosis (5) Changes (Bird's Lunatic Club Mix)
109: Bacon Popper Free (Theme 2001) (Andy & Paul Farina Rmx Club)
110: Raven Maize The Real Life (Original)
111: Ambassador One Of These Days (Original Mix)
112: Mirrorball Given Up (Olav Basoski Whiners Quitters Losers Dub)

201: Ramirez La Musika Tremenda
202: Energy 52 Cafe Del Mar
203: Cybordelics Adventures Of Dama
204: Drax Amphetamine
205: AWeX It's Our Future
206: Josh Wink Higher State Of Consciousness
207: Armand Van Helden The Funk Phenomena
208: Nalin & Kane Baechball
209: Dr. Motte & WestBam Sunshine (Short Mix)
210: Mousse T. vs. Hot 'N' Juicy Horny' 98
211: Mellow Trax Outa Space
212: Azzido Da Bass Dooms Night (Timo Maas Radio Edit)
213: Roger Sanchez Another Chance (Afterlife Rmx)

DJ Mix: Abyss (Tracks: 101 bis 112)

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01. Big Arche (Life Time Mix) 05:41
02. Big Apple (Club Mix) 05:07
03. Every time I see you 04:38
04. Big Herard (Club Mix) 06:13
05. Paleance 05:21
06. Fatality 05:52
07. Asteroid (Remix) 07:46
08. Faculty 07:26
09. Maximum Volume 03:18
B1. Fatality (Encore Remix) 05:15
B2. Big Arche (Club Mix) 06:17
B3. Every time I see you (Club Mix) 06:17
B4. Paleance 2 04:00

All songs written and produced by Abyss aka Daniel Stolze

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... Both tracks impress with their infinity and the unfathomable magic of the minimal, which immediately captivates you, takes you into hypnotic spheres and never lets you go until the end. Not too fast, we hear a rolling bassline and subtle drums that are so fragile that trance ensnares that you could almost fall in love. There really is a spring tech house here that almost forces a smile on your face. 5 out of 6 points (Raveline Magazin)
And the next publication in the hustle and bustle comes from Abyss. This time in collaboration with Trinity, Abyss shows a small new milestone in terms of soft hardness. Barely noticeable, the stabs and chords slide hand in hand with a muffled bass drum into the ear canal. On this record there is a fairly large portion of power for the dance floor, which you can especially feel in the break and which will probably not let anyone stand still. The "Facutly EP" offers top-heavy, minimal funk in perfection. 5 out of 6 points (Raveline Magazin)
... In the cinema there is chaos and wild confusion. At Abyss, the impacts are strictly mathematically controlled and according to a precise scheme. That is noise according to the master plan. This track doesn't contain much, but the kick drum, the hitting the sides and the monotonous laser guns from the side don't miss their effect. Simply good and simply functional. 6 out of 6 points (Raveline Magazin)

Like an asteroid crashing inexorably through the universe, this track from the Berlin DJ and producer is so relentlessly hard and pumping. The style elements accompany the path of the cosmic rock: the beat whips and rolls everything down, the FX tell where to go and blow up any resistance that dares to get in the way. The remix then already pops in the higher level and gives an idea of ??the devastation that the asteroid will cause when it hits the dance floor. Banging Energy! (
The guys from Alpha Beats have obviously taken the motto "Reduce to the max" to heart and only enriched their dark grooves with dramatic strings and pads. In certain circles you snap at something like that, the faint of heart should enjoy "Stick Lights" with caution ... 4 out of 6 points (Raveline Magazin)
... The track is primarily determined by heavy bass drums, over which smooth and flat synth sounds have been laid ... The club mix and the original mix can be played, both can be classified as excellent ... (Elektric Magazin)
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